How long does it take to learn web development?

Website design is an exciting field in an ever changing technological world. It’s thrilling to be part of the future and being at the forefront of creating websites that are visited every day by thousands and millions of people. This really does make learning web design a worthwhile cause for those starting off their careers, switching careers or just want to do something great.

However, there are many uncertain issues when it comes to learning the concept of website development. Is web development hard? Learning website design can take varying amounts of time depending on a number of factors. Many beginner or aspiring developers have to battle with these questions and truth is, there is no specific right answers to these questions. How long it takes a person to learn web development is dependent on the following:

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Top 5 RSS Feeds for Designers

rss feeds for designers

This article is not necessarily for designers– it’s for anyone who likes looking at pretty websites or reading about the design process, especially if you’re looking to hire a designer for a project. Here are my top five design sites/RSS feeds to follow to get the scoop on the latest design trends.

1. Creative Bloq

This one is pretty popular among designers. Content updated regularly with free typography and assets for Illustrator and Photoshop, tips and tricks. It is on many best-of lists and if you check out the site, you’ll see why.

2. Smashing Magazine

This is another popular blog but not just for web designers. You can find pretty much anything technical here that refers to coding or programming AND you can buy ebooks for languages and best design practices.

3. Web Designer Depot

Not as popular as the two above but pretty prominent for up and coming designers. It also has interesting information on social media and SEO, plus typography to buy (and some free), assets, and templates.

4. Web Design Blog

Assets! Typography! Templates! You name it, it’s here, plus tons of examples to inspire your creativity.

5. SiteInspire

Like the name says: inspire. Some of the most beautiful websites on the web, all for your perusal. I am extremely green over some of these designs (why didn’t I think of this?). I look at this in Reeder often and will soon implement some of these styles on my site.